Moving to Italy

On Thursday, January 14th at 11:00 am I boarded a flight to Atlanta, Georgia, which was the start to a very long day of traveling. With 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on I left home to spend four months in Florence, Italy studying abroad.


My next flight was to Paris and it took a little longer than expected (over 8 hours) and I had only 40 minutes before my flight from Paris to Florence took off. Fortunately, I ran into some other students who were in the same situation, but unfortunately we all missed our flight to Florence. We spent about 40 minutes going through customs and security and made it to our gate at 7:20, just 10 minutes before the plane took off (but 1o minutes too late nonetheless). Luckily we were able to board the next flight which was just 2 hours later.


[Paris sunrise]

We arrived to the Florence airport at 12pm on Friday, January 15th (I am 6 hours ahead of everyone back home). This was the first time I have traveled without my family and it wasn’t bad, but I did miss having my dad to help me lift my very heavy carry-on into the overhead compartments (I got yelled at by the flight attendant in Paris for needing her help–sorry lady, I guess this means I’ll need to work on getting some muscles before my flights back home).


After around 24 hours of traveling I finally got to get in a taxi and head to my apartment.

I had only a few expectations for my apartment in Florence:

  1. That it would be really small.
  2. That the wifi connection would not be the best.
  3. That there would be one bathroom for four people.
  4. That there would be no microwave.

All were wrong.

The apartment I was placed in had just been renovated and me and my three roommates are the first to live in it! The ceilings are very high and all have very beautiful paintings. When we first walked in it truly took my breath away. The rooms are spacious, there are two bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, dining room and living room. The wifi is great and I really have no complaints about the place at all, aside from the fact that it took 2 days and many tries for me to learn how to open the door to my apartment. I’m also still adjusting to not having a dryer. There are currently clothes hanging in random spots all around the apartment.


[My bedroom]

My apartment is a 10 minute walk from the Duomo and a 20 minute walk from my school. I have never walked so much in my life than I have this past week. It’s not too bad since I live in Florence and there is so much to see and take in.


[The Duomo]

Oh- and ironically enough, I move to Italy and get placed on the street with Chinese and Indian restaurants.


Here are some more pictures from my first two days in Florence:


Italy is very dog friendly. Dogs are everywhere including stores.IMG_1154IMG_1087IMG_1121

The struggle.



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